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     Sara really knows the real estate business. She brought the right buyer to us within days and she set up all the necessary appointments and kept us apprised of the progress towards the final closing. Sara was honest and forthright, and we were very lucky to find her.

Nicolette Barbera

As a licensed associate broker in New York State, I would like to recommend the professional services of our agent in Florida: Sara Leicht. Most recently she helped us buy our home in Florida; sight unseen. Sara is a consummate professional and guided us with knowledge of the market with current data and facts. Her expertise was invaluable in all areas that would concern a buyer and we recommend her services to anyone seeking to invest in a property in Sarasota and surrounding areas.

Susan F. McGraw Keber, Licensed Associate Broker, SVP, Town & Country Real Estate, Southampton,
     My wife and I purchased a condo with the help of Sara Leicht. As retired Realtors, (25+ years) we know what we were looking for in a Realtor, and Sara more than filled the bill. She was very knowledgeable and quickly found a property that fit our needs. Sara handles herself in a professional way, but she never loses the "personal touch".

     We would place Sara in the top tier of all the Realtors that we have dealt with, and we would encourage you to consider her -- you won't be disappointed.
Richard and Jacquie Petrino
     I only worked with Sara for a short period of time as I purchased the second home she showed to me.  What I particularly liked was that she was truly my advocate.  She always made sure that I completely understood the issues of potential concerns.  I felt very well educated and comfortable that I would not be misled in any manner.  I have friends from PA coming in February and I will definitely recommend Sara to them.
Cindy Roberts - Lakewood Ranch
I am from Europe and it was not easy to understand how real estate market in USA works when I came to Florida to look for a vacation house in Sarasota. With Sara it was very smooth and enjoyable process. I found Sara through internet and have to say I had really good luck to meet Sara. Her personality, willingness and "flash" reaction to all my questions and needs was something I would like to recommend for all who are looking to buy or sell a property in Sarasota. Thank you very much Sara and hope to work with you again.
My husband, Steve & I had dreamed of owning a condominium on Siesta Key, where we could retire after we become empty nesters. Steve had been watching the real estate market & decided it was a good time to start looking at properties. We responded to an internet advertisement for a property, and that’s when we had the good fortune of meeting Sara Leicht.

Sara initiated a call to discuss what sort of property we were looking for: size, location, price range, etc. My husband had one particular condo in mind, but Sara had the foresight to arrange for us to tour condos at several different complexes while we were visiting the area over Spring Break, to get a better feel for what each complex offered. She also referred us to her website that lists properties available for sale; we found it to be very helpful and easy to navigate. It was clear that Sara was determined to find that special property that we would be thrilled with!

Sara’s husband, Greg, showed the units on our first day; Sara & Greg are both extremely knowledgeable about the area market. We fell in love with one complex and decided to make an offer on a unit. The initial offer fell through, but a few days later my husband saw that a similar unit in the same building had gone up for sale. When he contacted Sara to inquire about it, we discovered that she & Greg had already visited the property with us in mind, to check it out and take dozens of photos for us to look at to determine if it was a fit.

A few days later we made an offer and we’re now the happy owners of our dream condo. Thanks to Sara’s diligence we were able to complete the purchase long distance from our home in Ohio. She patiently walked through the paperwork in detail, referred us to inspectors, and made sure that we were compliant in effectuating the closing. I highly recommend Sara Leicht to anyone looking for real estate in the Sarasota area!
Sue Mohr-Baker - SVP, Tax Accounting Director PNC Bank
After I began using Sara's website from Ohio, I decided to give her a call. We instantly clicked. She understood my concerns around school choice, yard & condition of property. I had to start a new job in Sarasota, but inventory was low. Sara was extremely proactive in finding the right house in the right neighborhood for me. She took on the burdens of negotiation & helped out with inspections. Her links to contractors online were especially useful. My loan was from Ohio, but Sara was able to work out all the closing details with the other agent & title company without any worries from me. My house is perfect for me & my daughter. I thank you, Sara. You are awesome!

Sara was fantastic in helping sell our home.  From listing to closing, she was very engaged and communicated throughout the process to keep us informed.  Sara's vast real estate knowledge and experience was very beneficial in resolving a couple of unusual situations in our transaction.  Whether you are buying or selling a home, I would highly recommend using Sara. 

Jeff Forbes - Esplanade Golf and Country Club Lakewood Ranch
I worked with Sara on a purchase of a condominium in Sarasota this past spring of 2013.  Sara has terrific follow-up and made herself accessible to me at all times.  Being physically at a distance for most of the process could have been problematic. It was Not! - Due to Sara's  attention to details and communication with me at all steps of the purchasing process.  She was a pleasure to work with and provided me with information I requested, promptly.  She is very professional and has a complete understanding of all aspects of a real estate transaction.  I strongly recommend her.
Michele Brown
     We have lived in Sarasota since 1975 and resided in our modest home for 22 years. The kids have grown and are just finishing college so we decided to relocate (to our dream home)to enjoy part II of the Greg & Ginger saga in paradise.

     I worked as a Realtor many years ago with the Schlott group and learned very quickly what separated the good realtors from the "very good" realtors. We were lucky enough to have met Sara and Greg Leicht a few years ago thru mutual friends and very quickly, realized Sara and Greg were in that "very good" class. They both exceeded all our expectations for professionalism, communication, and market knowledge; and to top it off, the Leicht’s were a perfect fit for our personalities.

     We found our dream home during our first tour of possibilities and our excitement thru the emotional buying process was affirmed thanks to the confidence and expertise of Sara & Greg. We've only been in our dream home a little over 3 months and it all still seems surreal; but do not let anyone tell you there is no such thing as the perfect home OR the perfect realtors because we honestly found both.
Gregory and Ginger Rosenberger
We had our home on the market for over 2.5 yrs., went thru 2 real estate brokers, no sale!

Then we called Sara, right away we knew she was different. She took over the house, move this, move that, we are selling space - not clutter, pictures, nick-knacks, touch up paint if needed, WOW! What a difference, we had to admit it looked, a lot better. Needless to say she worked very hard doing open houses and showings and we sold right away.

You will not find a more knowledgeable realtor in the area, sign her up, she makes good things happen, remember, SaraSellsSarasota.
Mel and Marilyn Payne
Sara has helped us to purchase two properties and to sell one of those properties.  She’s been thorough in her back ground research: she’s aggressive in her pricing.   She’s been responsive and competent.  She’s always enthusiastic, honest and has been a great negotiator – helping us through our transactions.  We’ve worked with many realtors in the past, but Sara is the most responsive person we’ve worked with and she knows all the tax laws which have helped out our bottom line.  We highly recommend Sara Leicht.
Randy and Kim W. Sarasota, Florida
After extensive online research, we chose Siesta Key in Sarasota to
buy a vacation property. Sara was extremely knowledgeable of the
nuances in this market and her assistance proved invaluable. She is a
savvy, detailed oriented realtor with negotiation skills. What was
also impressive is when showing properties to us, she took no calls or
texts and we were exclusively afforded her time.
Steve and Tamara B. - Colorado Springs, CO

Sara Leicht sold our condo in less than ideal market conditions, and provided regular updates throughout the process.  This was especially helpful as we don't live in the Sarasota area.  We were very pleased with the photos she took, and the "virtual tour" she posted of our property.

Jane - Stoneybrook Golf and Country Club
Sara was very educated on the market and location we were looking in. She keep us abreast of the new listings which enabled my family to find the right home in the right community. And believe me, in this market, it was not a easy task. I recommend Sara Leicht.
Patrick McCranie
          My wife and I recently purchased a second home in the Isles on Palmer Ranch. Sara was indispensable during this process! We took three "shopping trips" down from Pennsylvania to meet with Sara and review properties. She was always professional prepared with listings and was extremely patient with us. I must say frankly that I do not believe we would have secured the property that we bought without Sara's advice, counsel and offer creativity. She stuck with us through the thick and thin of the approval process, which was not easy and we are absolutely thrilled with our purchase. I would wholeheartedly recommend Sara to help with any of your real estate needs!
Jack Kerns - CPA
     Sara managed our Sarasota listing from initiation to closure in a skillful, hands-on manner. She was always available to negotiate issues with the buyer in a way that made the entire process as stress free as possible. We highly recommend Sara as the go-to Sarasota area realtor when either selling or buying.  
Bill and Jeanne Swanson
     The decision to place one’s home for sale is not always an easy one. When we moved to Florida, we built our home, and have enjoyed every inch of it. After we took an overseas assignment in 2004, we held onto this home.

     Our first renters were not the best, but, our second family was proactive, made many repairs themselves, or notified our daughter when the professionals were needed to fix a problem. They remained in our home for several years until they moved to North Carolina. We had a vital decision to make—find new renters, or leave the home vacant. Our renters knew Sara and Greg and suggested that we speak to Sara to get her opinion. We also contacted our rental agent, and both agents reinforced what we already knew--that good renters are hard to find, and leaving the home vacant was not a good option. Our daughter and her husband run their own business, just had a baby, plus have other obligations. They felt they could not check on the house as often as they should if we left it vacant. After our renters moved, we had professionals come to paint and get the home for marketing.

     As soon as the home was ready, Sara and Greg went into action—Greg came with professional photographers and set up a fabulous virtual tour on their website along with all the various home-for-sale websites. These photos and virtual tour were so good that we asked if we could have them after closing. It would have been a pity to throw them away. Sara also advertised our home in the Herald Tribune, and held open house every other Sunday.

     We had an offer within 60 days—extremely good considering so many larger homes remain on the market after a year and even longer. Sara held our hands via Skype explaining the buyers’ contract, then made sure we had all the t’s crossed and all the i’s dotted before submitting the contract. All the paperwork was handled via e-mail, although the original closing documents with notary seal were sent priority express. All went well and our home now has new owners.
Flo and Dennis Richardson
          After living in China since 1997 my wife and I decided in 2009 to look for a home in Sarasota for our retirement in 2011. We contacted Michael Saunders and was assigned Sara as our agent, which turned out to be very lucky as far as we were concerned.

          Although we were able to make several short visits to Sarasota we had to conduct most of our investigation by "remote control" and relied heavily on Sara's help to refine our search. Sara had a great understanding not only as to the exact specification of the house we were looking for but also the type of community we preferred. Due to her contacts she found a couple that wanted to move to another area in Sarasota and negotiated a fair price for both of us. We concluded the deal this April without the property ever being listed and with Sara's help closed in absentia.

         Most of the communications were by phone or Skype during the evening (USA time) as we were in Shanghai, which is 12 hours ahead of Sarasota. Sara was always available to answer any questions whether they were about the house itself or services we needed, such as lawn care, electrician etc .

         I would heartily recommend her to any other prospective buyer and have nothing but praise for her professionalism and friendliness.
Alan and Becky R. - President - Vesuvius Asia Pacific (Ret.)
     In the summer of 2011 we began our search for a new real estate agent after an unsuccessful year with another agent and agency. In mid October, because of her tenacity, we listed our property with Sara Leicht. Sara immediately held 2 open houses and started the promotional advertising. In November, our property was featured in the Sarasota Herald Tribune Saturday Real Estate magazine about “hidden jewels” in the Nokomis area. Our showings increased and we accepted one of two offers received on the same day at the end of December. Our closing was on February 8, 2012, the same day we closed on our new home with Sara as our agent.

     We found Sara and her husband Greg to be very attentive to our needs and concerns and were always on top of things through the entire process. It was a very professional job. They both were a pleasure to work with. We would gladly recommend them to our friends and others.
Bob and Judy McLean
       As a former realtor from New Jersey, with over 25 years in the business, I knew another good realtor when I met Sara. She kept in touch long distance with many ideas about different sections of Sarasota. She zeroed in quickly as to what we were looking for in our future home here. She had a lot of patience and was always in good humor.

       Negotiations went very smoothly, thanks to her good efforts. She kept us advised of all the different inspections here in Florida and recommended reliable inspectors. Would highly recommend Sara as a superb realtor!
Pat O'Connnell
     I am writing you to let you know how much I appreciated your agent, Sara Leicht, and all of her efforts and assistance in getting my late Aunt’s home in shape to sell and then seeing the transaction through to a successful closing.

     This was not your typical listing. I was closing up my Aunt’s estate, I was located out-of-state, and the house needed quite a number of things done to get it in condition to attract a buyer. On top of all of that, we were selling into a truly horrendous real estate market. Yet due to Sara’s professional real estate experience and her hands-on approach to getting the job done, everything was accomplished to my satisfaction.

      I am especially appreciative of Sara’s willingness to work with me by long distance and take on responsibilities that would normally be those of the on-site property owner. It was the people Sara recommended whom I hired to organize and conduct an extensive estate sale. Sara also recommended and then engaged on my behalf the painters, electricians, plumbers, repairmen, etc. that I needed to perform various tasks at the house. I really don’t know how I could have made such arrangements on my own from Dallas, Texas, much less coordinated all of these people. Sara even broom swept the house and made sure all remaining trash was placed curb side for pick up just days prior to closing! Now I know that’s something few agents would step up and do for a client.

     I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sara to anyone looking for an agent to represent them in buying or selling a home in the Sarasota area, especially someone who, like me lives a long way away from Sarasota and therefore needs a pro-active, hard working agent who will step up and do what it takes to meet a client’s needs and circumstances.

     So, my great thanks to Sara for a job truly well done.
Dan G. - Attorney, Irving, Texas

We were very impressed with Sara Leicht throughout the entire process of purchasing our new home in Sarasota. We found Sara to be a true real estate professional and also to be a wealth of knowledge regarding the Sarasota area. This was instrumental to us in purchasing just the right home. She knew exactly the community that would provide us with the amenities we were seeking.

This entire process was completed without a flaw within 35 days and was one of the smoothest transactions we have ever negotiated. This can be directly attributed to Sara's professionalism, her attention to detail, and her thoroughness with every step of this process.

I would never hesitate to recommend Sara to anyone who is interested in purchasing a home in the Sarasota area and would look to her first if we ever have a future need for a real estate expert.

Don and Andrea McKay
My wife and I were extremely pleased with the professionalism of Sara Leicht, as our Realtor, representing us both as a buyer and as a seller in the Prestancia/Palmer Ranch market place.  Sara is very committed, hardworking, and responsive to the needs of the buyer and seller. 

As a buyer, Sara provided us her market knowledge and coached us through the purchase negotiations.

As a seller, Sara provided us with market data and trends, which resulted in the selling or our house in just 3 days after listing it.

We have highly recommended her to our friends and neighbors.
Albert F. Schneider, Senior Partner and Retired CFO, Miller Valentine Group
Sara was so nice to work with…down to earth, efficient, and so knowledgeable about the Sarasota area.  We enjoyed working with her.  We would recommend her highly.
Sue Stofko