Sarasota Schools consistatly rank among the highest in quality education and in performance in the state of Florida.  To view all of the schools in Sarasota with links to their individual web pages visit
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Along the sparkling Gulf of Mexico, Sarasota is not only famed for its picturesque beaches and dynamic cultural scene but also for its commitment to providing top-notch education. Families flocking to the area have a variety of excellent schools to choose from, each offering unique programs and opportunities that cater to the diverse needs of its students. From innovative STEM programs to arts-integrated curriculums, Sarasota's educational institutions are designed to nurture the next generation of leaders, thinkers, and creators. In this guide, we'll dive into the top schools in Sarasota, highlighting their achievements, programs, and what makes them stand out in the Suncoast region.

Sarasota County Schools

Elementary Schools: Foundations for the…

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Sarasota Schools Recieve A Grade from the State Once Again

The State of Florida has released the rankings of all school districts and Sarasota County is one of the only three districts of the 67 to receive an A grade.

Here is the complete article and rankings of all the individual Sarasota Schools as written by Shelby Webb of the Sarasota Herald Tribune on Friday, July 8, 2016.

Sarasota schools graded A, Manatee C, by State of Florida

Department of Education releases assessments earlier than expected

By Shelby Webb
Published: Friday, July 8, 2016 at 12:35 p.m.

Schools and district letter grades were released by the Florida Department of Education on Friday, earlier than expected.

The Sarasota County School District…

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Sarasota Arts Education to partner with the Kennedy Center of Performing Arts

The Sarasota Arts Education will be partnering with the Kennedy Center of Performing Arts to expand art education in elementary and middle school.  Sarasota has become the 6th city to be chosen for the “Any Given Child” free initiative program that pairs local arts organizations and educators with staff members form the john F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.  

Sarasota has long been recognized as the “Arts Capital of Florida” and has beaten 7 other Florida Cities and hundreds of cities through-out the country for this position. 

Carrie Seidman, of the Sarasota Herald Tribune published an article on Thursday, Jun 16, 2011 that explains all the details. 


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 Cardinal Mooney High School in Sarasota, Florida was established in 1959 and is operated by the Diocese of Venice.  Cardinal Mooney High School serves students from Sarasota, Manatee, and Charlotte Counties and is rooted in the Catholic tradition but also open to people of all faiths.  Cardinal Mooney is located on Fruitville Road in Sarasota and is about 2 miles west of I-75, making it very convenient to get to from anywhere in the Sarasota area.  The school has a 4 year enrollment of 550 students with a faculty staff of 46 teachers giving Cardinal Mooney a 13-1 Student/Teacher ratio.  Our youngest son is attending Cardinal Mooney so I can tell you first hand that I am very impressed with the quality of the campus, the caring responsiveness of the…

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Sarasota Public School System – A Quality Education 

The Sarasota County School District is one of the highest performing school districts in the state of Florida.  The district has been designated as an “A” district by the Florida Department of Education, with 95 percent of the elementary schools and 84 percent of the high schools receiving “A” or “B” grades in 2009.  It is among 15 percent of the U.S. districts to receive the “What Parents Want” award. It has been recognized for outstanding arts  education by the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.  

When we were thinking of moving to Florida our number one concern was educating our boys. 
The Sarasota School System had what we wanted making Sarasota our #1 choice to raise our family.  The following…

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 Riverview High School - Sarasota, Florida


These past several years have been very busy for Riverview High School on Proctor Road in Sarasota.  A landmark school for Sarasota, the original buildings built in 1959, have seen thousands of students graduate over these past 50 years.

As students graduated from Riverview over the years the original buildings began to show their wear and tear and unfortunately needed much repair.  With some very tough decisions facing the school board and community the decision was made to build new modern day buildings rather than renovating the original buildings. 


With a strong commitment to educating her youth, the 5 member school board, administration, and the tax paying community has…

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